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Journal of the Saxifrage Society

ISSN 1475 - 1577

No. 1 (1993)







  • Editorial
  • Sergio Bacci 1937 - 1993
  • The Hunting of Saxifraga Porophylla by Kay Bacci
  • Saxifraga porophylla ... a surprising discovery by Sergio Bacci
  • The Maritime Alps - The Ancient King and I by Adrian Young
  • Foreign Correspondence - Henry Correvon and Reginald Farrer
  • Two pages from Engler & Irmscher's Das Pflanzenreich
  • Four new names for hybrids in the genus Saxifraga L. by Richard J Gornall, Adrian Young & Winton Harding
  • Some Recent Saxifraga Hybrids by Brian Burrow
  • Saxifrages of the Pyrenees by Winton Harding
  • The Pyrenean Notomorphs by Adrian Young
  • Saxifraga paniculata 'Cockscomb' by Beryl Bland
  • Saxifraga 'lrene Bacci'
  • A cost-free experimental Sink by Kenneth McGregor
  • Some Saxifrages of the Section Porphyrion from the Sino-Himalayan Region grown in the conditions of Central Bohemia by Karel Lang
  • Saxifrages from Seed by Malcolm McGregor
  • Notes from America by Rick Wagner
  • Early Spring Show - Prague 1993 by Jan Burgel

Edited and designed by Malcolm McGregor.
Published by The Saxifrage Society.
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