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Journal of the Saxifrage Society

ISSN 1475 - 1577

No. 2 (1994)







  • Editorial
  • Saxifraga longifolia and its hybrids by Beryl Bland
  • Some aspects of hybridisation in the genus Saxifraga by Richard Gornall
  • Mossy Saxifrage Hybrids by Kenneth McGregor
  • More about the Himalayans by Duncan Lowe
  • S. iranica hybrids by Adrian Young
  • Notes from Victoria, B C, Canada by Rex Murfitt
  • Geoffrey Gould MBE (1888 - 1959) by Ray Cobb
  • Sergio Bacci's new hybrids: a progress report by Adrian Young
  • Growing Saxifrages is my Hobby by Jiri Novak
  • Amateur Hybridising by Malcolm Birkett
  • Saxifrages on Saturday by Linda Proud
  • Seven new Saxifraga cultivars by Miroslaw Kraus
  • New Cultivars by Winton Harding
  • New Cultivars and Binomials by Ray Fairbairn
  • Cum Grano Salis by Paradoxa

Edited and designed by Malcolm McGregor.
Published by The Saxifrage Society.
© The Saxifrage Society, 1994