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Journal of the Saxifrage Society

ISSN 1475 - 1577

No. 7 (1999)







  • Editorial
  • Silver Saxifrages for Beginners by Adrian Young
  • Books on Saxifrages by Malcolm McGregor
  • SAXLOCATOR by Peter Smith
  • New Cultivars & Names by Ian Spencer, Winton Harding, Beryl Bland
  • Growing Himalayan Saxifrages in the Netherlands by Ger van den Beuken
  • Duncan Lowe
  • Visits to and from the Czech Republic by Adrian Young
  • New S. poluniniana Hybrids by David GA Walkey, Brian D Dowker & Ron F Beeston
  • Variability of Saxifrages in Nature and Cultivation  by Jan Bürgel

Edited and designed by Malcolm McGregor.
Published by The Saxifrage Society.
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