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First Edition of the International Register of Saxifrages



'Abros’ [invalid?; NCC; Ligulatae; -]A Ref. plant in collection of D Victor from Triscombe Nursery, nr. Taunton

'Acaulis' [exarata subsp. moschata; Saxifraga;-]B? Refs: Ingwersen (1956) ; Kohlein p 128

'Ada' [ x petraschii, CC; Porphyrion; 1925, R.V.Prichard]B Ref. H, W & B-G p291

'Adela' [NCC; Porphyrion; 1925, R V Prichard]B Ref. H, W & B-G p318

'Aegilops' [umbrosa; Gymnopera; -]A? Refs: Farrer, ERG; Irving & Malby p46; Ingwersen (1956)

'Aemula' [ x borisii CC; Porphyrion; 1913, F Sundermann]A Ref. H, W & B-G 204

+'Affinis' (1) [ x petraschii, CC; Porphyrion; 1910, F Sundermann]A dupl. (2) [hypnoides; Saxifraga; 1906]B? Refs: (1) H, W & B-G p291; (2) Clark p 152; Irving & Malby p33

'Afrodite' [sempervivum, Porphyrion; -]A also sometimes listed as sempervivum f. alpina (invalid). Ref. H, W & B-G p134-135

'Agnes' [x steinii, CC; Porphyrion; 1915, F Sundermann]A? originally named simply as steinii, cv. name only gven in 1974. Ref: H, W & B-G p310; plant in collection of T Roberts ex S Piggin.

'Aida' [x ingwersenii, CC; Porphyrion; = 'Simplicity']B Note misprint in H, W & B-G p262. "Plant from RBG Kew 1967 labelled 'Ada' should refer to 'Aida'. See also p.291 under 'Ada'. Ref. H, W & B-G pp262, 291; B-G in litt. ad McG.

'Aigrette' [cochlearis (or paniculata) x longifolia, DC?; Ligulatae; c1940]A? Refs: Mansfield; Clay, AGS Bulletin; Sax. Mag. 1994 p15

'Ajugaefolia' [NCC?; Saxifraga; -]B although often listed as a fancy cultivar name this is variously used to describe SS. pedemontana, wahlenbergii and praetermissa. Sometimes spelt 'Ajugifolia'. Refs: M Prichard & Sons 1929 cat.; Farrer, ERG; W&ampG pp 197, 199, 200

'Aladdin' [ x borisii, CC; Porphyrion; 1967, H L Foster]A Ref. H, W & B-G p205

'Alan Hayburst' [longifolia x ?; NCC; Ligulatae; Foley?]A Ref. Holden Clough Nursery c. 1991.

+'Alba' (1) [ x apiculata, CC; Porphyrion; c.1908 (AM, 1909),-]A dupl. (2)[oppositifolia; Porphyrion; 1882]A and (3) [NCC; Saxifraga; -]B which is prob. syn for 'Grandiflora Alba.' See also 'Ophelia'. Refs: (1)H,W & B-G p190;(2) Clibrans 1882 cat.; Backhouse 1889 cat.; Kohlein p140; Harding; (3) B Arundel

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