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Journal of the Saxifrage Society

No. 6 1998 Back ] Next ]

  • Adrian Hardy Haworth by John Howes
  • from the Preface to Saxifrag?rum Enumeratio by Adrian Hardy Haworth
  • Just to Get Out of the Rain by Paul Kennett
  • The True Form by Raymond A Fairbairn
  • Planting a Large Garden by David Victor
  • Silver Saxifrages of the Eastern Alps by Beryl Bland
  • Dr George F Smith - an appreciation by Duncan Lowe
  • Some Himalayan Species by George Smith
  • The Heights of the Netherlands - Society Visit - March 1998 by Ian Nex
  • Saxifrages in Iceland by John Morris
  • Report on Saxifrages from Central Nepal, Albania and Macedonia by Jan B?gel
  • First Impressions by Rachael Swift
  • Report on One-Day Conference in Sussex
  • Engleria Saxifrages - a brief look by Adrian Young
  • New Allendale Cultivars by Raymond A Fairbairn
  • New Binomials and Cultivars by Karel Lang
  • One New and Two Old Cultivars given Cultivar Names by Beryl Bland

Also with this issue:

Saxifrages: the complete Cultivars and Hybrids
Updates to First Edition of the International Register of Saxifrages

Edited and designed by Malcolm McGregor.
Published by The Saxifrage Society.
? The Saxifrage Society, 1998


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