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The Saxifrage Magazine

Journal of the Saxifrage Society

No. 11 2003 Back ] Next ]
Saxifrage Magazine 11

  • Saxifrages in the Wild
    • In the Roya Valley with the Saxifrage Society by Rex Murfitt
    • Col de Veillos by Paul Kennett
    • The V?ubie Valley by Malcolm McGregor
    • Saxifraga cotyledon in a new location by McGregor, Victor, & Howes
    • Saxifrages in Patagonia by Ger van den Beuken
    • Saxifrages in the Eastern Alps by Marijn van den Brink
    • S. columnaris, S. dinnikii and S. scleropoda Hybrids by Vojtěch Holubec

  • Saxifrages in Cultivation
    • From the Registrar by Beryl Bland
    • Saxifraga 'Harbinger' by Robert Rolfe
    • Allendale Cultivars G & H Series by Raymond Fairbairn
    • Old Ligulatae Cultivars by Beryl Bland
    • Troms?span lang="en-gb"> Collection, Status Report 2002 by Finn Haugli
    • Seed Exchange by John Howes

Includes colour photographs
Edited and designed by Malcolm McGregor.
Published by The Saxifrage Society.
? The Saxifrage Society, 2003


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