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Saxifraga subsect. Oppositifoliae   Hayek   

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Rank: Subsection Ref: Saxifrages: The Complete List Of Species Image Gallery
Contained within: S. sect. Porphyrion  
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Genus Saxifraga sect. Porphyrion
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Image of Saxifraga oppositifolia ssp. oppositifolia by Tony Goode : - click to view the full size picture

Saxifraga oppositifolia ssp. oppositifolia

  • Description : close up of fine plant at c3000m
  • Class : wild
  • Location : above Saas Fee, Switzerland
  • Photographer : Tony Goode
  • Click here to view this as a full page
Copyright of this image remains with the photographer shown

Subtaxa: (? indicates doubt over placement, gray links indicate non-accepted taxa)

Saxifraga biflora  All.   This taxon is illustrated 
Saxifraga blepharophylla  Hayek   This taxon is illustrated 
Saxifraga nathorstii  (Dusén) Hayek  
Saxifraga oppositifolia  L.   This taxon has illustrated subtaxa 
Saxifraga retusa  Gouan   This taxon is illustrated 
Saxifraga rudolphiana  W. D. J. Koch   This taxon is illustrated 
Saxifraga speciosa  Dörfler & Hayek   This taxon is illustrated 
Saxifraga x kochii  Hornung   This taxon is illustrated 
Saxifraga ser. Oppositifoliae  (Hayek) Gornall  
Saxifraga adenosepala  Engler & Irmscher  
Saxifraga ajanica  Sipliv.  
Saxifraga amphibia  Sünd.  
Saxifraga asiatica  Hayek  
Saxifraga baumgartenii  Schott  
Saxifraga biflora  Maly  
Saxifraga coerulea  Haworth  
Saxifraga czekanowskii  Sipliv.  
Saxifraga duthiei  Gandoger ?
Saxifraga hegetschweileri  Brügger  
Saxifraga hornungii  Shuttlew.  
Saxifraga huteri  Beyer  
Saxifraga imbricata  Lam.  
Saxifraga intermedia  Nasarow  
Saxifraga kochii  Bluff, Nees & Schauer  
Saxifraga latina  (N. Terracc.) Hayek  
Saxifraga macropetala  A. Kern  
Saxifraga meridionalis  N. Terracc.  
Saxifraga murithiana  Tissière  
Saxifraga oppositifolia  Duthie  
Saxifraga oppositifolia  Maly  
Saxifraga oppositifolia  Haller f.  
Saxifraga oppositifolia  Kar. & Kir.  
Saxifraga perporosa  Schur.  
Saxifraga pseudoajanica  A. P. Khokhr.  
Saxifraga pulvinata  Small  
Saxifraga purpurea  All.  
Saxifraga retusa  Cham.  
Saxifraga rosea  Steud  
Saxifraga scrobiculata  Engler  
Saxifraga subbiflora  A. Kern  
Saxifraga superbiflora  A. Kern  
Saxifraga vaccarii  Petitm. ?
Saxifraga vulcanica  Sipliv.  
Saxifraga wulfeniana  Schott  
Saxifraga x bernardensis  Vacc.  
Saxifraga x hayekiana  Vacc.  
Saxifraga x huteri  A. Kern  
Saxifraga x hybrida  A. Kern  
Saxifraga x norica  A. Kern  
Saxifraga x spuria  A. Kern  
Saxifraga x zermattensis  Hayek  
No synonyms


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