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Saxifraga columnaris x juniperifolia       

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Rank: Hybrid Ref: N/A
Contained within: S. ser. Kabschia  
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Genus Saxifraga sect. Porphyrion subsect. Porophyllum ser. Kabschia
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Image of Saxifraga columnaris x juniperifolia by Franz Hadacek : - click to view the full size picture

Saxifraga columnaris x juniperifolia

  • Description : whole plant, identication needs confirmation, collection number etc.
  • Class : cultivated
  • Location : pot, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Photographer : Franz Hadacek
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Copyright of this image remains with the photographer shown
  • whole plant, identication needs confirmation, collection number etc., cultivated, pot, Prague, Czech Republic (Franz Hadacek)
Plant Information:
petal ground colour: light pink

Combined Species: (? indicates doubtful parent)
Saxifraga columnaris  This taxon is illustrated
Saxifraga juniperifolia  This taxon is illustrated
No synonyms


Cultivar Parent: (? indicates doubtful parent)
None found
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