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Porophyllum Cultivars : Complete Checklist (Saxifraga 'Tysoe Robin')

The 2018 edition of Porophyllum Cultivars Complete Checklist (146 pages with 1275 cultivars) is now available. 
ISBN 97-0-9526882-7-3
You will need to contact Adrian Young for a copy. The old editions are now out of print.

  • £12.00 + P&P UK
  • €15.00 + P&P Europe
  • $16.00 + P&P USA

Contact Adrian Young at


  • Saxifraga cultivars alphabetical by name
p. 1 – 58
  • Saxifraga cultivars alphabetical by Raiser/Namer
p. 59 – 116
  • Latin binomial cultivar group names
p. 117 – 138
  • Cultivar groups
p. 139 – 146

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